Lois Fletcher


  • Graduated from the California Institute of Technology with a bachelor’s degree in software development.
  • Done Content Marketing Foundations Online Course 

Expertise: Technology, Internet , Social Media


  • Written extensive procedures and policies for troubleshooting and resolving hardware and software issues.
  • Apply knowledge of medical terms and technologies.
  • Use knowledge of SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures), verification and validation protocols and reports.
  • Present documentation writing knowledge to help users handle and run technology well.
  • Translate internal technical knowledge to meet functional needs of consumer understanding.
  • Provide recommendations to audiences on methods used to make electronic media accessible to all users.


Lois Fletcher specializes in administrative technology, internet and has been responsible for educating our audience on how to use progressive systems and applications including accounting software, mass communication processes and organizational apps for over 3 years.

Words from Lois Fletcher: 

I used to be a skilled coder and programmer, but my passion for writing led me here. Now, I enjoy using my skills to contribute to explaining the exciting technological advances happening every day to my tech-savvy audience.

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