If you want to have a huge increase in the number of viewers on your Youtube video or want people to notice your video. And as per the researches, Youtube is the second most popular search engine after google, and over millions of videos gets uploaded on Youtube every single day.

If you are Youtube vlogger or Youtube influencer, comment is the source which plays an important role, and so is comment modification.

However, till now Youtube is not having any proper comment modification kit. Nowadays, it has become so easy to have genuine followers on Youtube just by using few available tools and free comment finder applications combined, you can easily remove improper, unprofessional or offensive comments.

And here with our today’s article, we will help you in selecting the best Youtube comment finder and also the way to use existing Youtube tools to control such comments.


Introduction to youtube comment finder

As we have mentioned earlier in the article Youtube is one of behemoth when you talk about search. Also, it is the second largest search engine over the globe, (first one remains google) as we all know comments on Youtube are really amazing way to attract the audience. However, we all know that finding the comments as per your requirements or your likings is really a hard way to go.

But we are here with a good news that we have gathered the information about how you can find specific comments on Youtube by comment section by exhausting comments.

We can name the tool as Youtube comment finders, they’re the solution to your problem which you have been seeking all this while. In today’s article you will get the chance to know a lot of things about Youtube comments, the finders and how to gather more of followers.

No matter for what purpose do you use the Youtube, at some point or the other you will find the need to search for the comment. It might be possible that you want to start your own Youtube, for that as well you might need to quote relevant comments for your content. And if not this sometimes you simply read the comments for your entertainment as well.

Whatever the reason might be, we are here with multiple Youtube comment finder apps, shortcuts, and tools that will help you to find any kind of comment on the platform.

As we all are aware that every youtube video has its own comment section. To find a particular comment in a Youtube video that has only a handful of comments is no big deal. Moreover, some of the videos have the comments in number of millions, so in that case it becomes so difficult or sometimes impossible to find or select those particular comments of just your choice.

And with today’s article, we will share with you different solutions and ways about how you can easily find any comment on any video on the video sharing platform Youtube.

These given suggestions will include keyboard shortcuts, usage of few sites, browser extensions and few apps as well that will help you in finding the Youtube comments easily.

What do we mean by Youtube Comment Finders?

Before we proceed further with other details about the usage of Youtube coment finders, it is necessary for you to understand first, what does it mean. In simple words, Youtube comment finder is a tool which helps you to find the comment section of your own or other person’s videos. Which simply means that you can find out commenters opinions on specific issues, reply to particular commenters, and even find out the new idea for your next content.

Youtube comment finders are offered by the third party and are tend to be free, and have range of sites that you can use, to extensions that function within your chrome browser. These can also be used on your mobile phones as well, that means you can search for comments and engage with your viewers easily.

How to Search Youtube Comments?

You all must be aware about the fact that Youtube does not have a separate comment search section, so it totally depends on the Youtube users to find their own way for Youtube comment search alternate.

Youtubers can attract their followers to their content by using comments of their content specific as well, like which gives interesting suggestions, side splitting humor, and useful knowledge. Apart from this, comments provide a amazing way to engage with subscribers and create a community for the channel.

Below we are mentioning the ways about how you can your life easy whenever you are searching for comments on Youtube:

Ways to search for comments using Keyboard Shortcuts: 

  • Visit Youtube.com on the internet browser of your choice.
  • Log in to your existing account if you have one with Youtube platform.
  • Now, load that particular Youtube video from which you want to get the comments from.
  • After the screen pops up, scroll down to the comments section.
  • Once you reach the comment section, press Ctrl+F.
  • On the top of your browser screen, a search bar will be poped up.
  • Now enter the word or phrase you want to search for.
  • Youtube will show you the results in the comment section which contain that searched word or phrase you searched in the bar.
  • Just pick that comment you are searching for.

Ways to search for comments using Browser Extension: 

There is a search browser extension named as Youtube Comment Search browser extension (YCS) which is available to the users of Firefox browser and Google Chrome browser as this YCS browser extension is available on the Chrome Web Store and the Firefox Add-ons site.

Search for comments using Browser Extension

To know or to make the use of this YCS browser extension for Firefox and Chrome users, we must know the steps to do the same, below we are mentioning those steps, have a look:

Steps for the Chrome users:

  • The very first step, open your Chrome internet browser.
  • Now, click on the puzzle piece Extensions icon visible in the upper-right hand corner of your Chrome window. After that click on manage extensions.
  • And if the puzzle icon is not visible to you, simply click the three dots beside your profile picture on that browser. Once done with it, click “Extensions” from the menu on the left side of the browser.
  • Search for YCS on the “search extensions” search bar.
  • Now, type in YCS and press Enter from your keyboard.
  • Once you find YCS, click on “Add to Chrome’.
  • After following these above mentioned steps, you will have a YCS extension under every Youtube video whenever you will watch Youtube videos with Chrome browser. Also, note that YCS extension will be too customizable, and you can enter the details of whatever comment you are willing to find.

Steps for the Firefox users:

Steps for the Firefox users to search for any comment on any video
  • The very first step, open your Firefox internet browser.
  • Now, click on the three lines menu just on the upper-right of your browser.
  • Click on “Add-ons and themes”.
  • Search for “YCS – Youtube Comment Search” search bar.
  • Now, press on “Add to Firefox” button.
  • There will be a permission box appearing on the screen, click on “Add”.
  • On the another textbox that appears, click on “Okay”.
  • Youtube videos on Firefox will now have the YCS extension that allows you to search for any comment on any video.

Utilization of Youtube Comment Finder

As discussed earlier, there are multiple third-party Youtube Comment Finder tools and websites on the internet which searches comments on Youtube videos. These tools are free of cost and way too easy to use.

And if you wish to use a separate tool to find Youtube comments, comment finder sites might just do the perfect job for you. Some of the comment finder tools are namely Hadzy, YTComment Finder and Youtube First Comment Finder. Below we are mentioning few details about these tools:

Some of the best Youtube Comment Finder Tools:

1. Youtube Comment Search (YCS) Chrome Extension

Youtube Comment Search (YCS) is considered one of the best tools when we talk for any comment finder tool online. The platform seems to have the most robust facilities to offer all Youtube comment finders out there.

What you have to do is, simply navigate to the Chrome store, and download the YCS extension. To install it, just follow the below given prompts. As soon as it gets installed properly, you will see the pop up in your browser on the righthand side as YCS. The bonus point here with the extension is that it automatically gets activated within any Youtube video you watch without having to click the extension every time you wish to search Youtube comments.

Youtube Comment Search

For your better understanding, let’s take an example, you follow Bhuvan on Youtube because he breaks down his entire Airbnb business and provides the idea to his followers about ins and outs of what’s trending or working and what not, and what will be the profit with it. His channel not less than a jackpot for the people interested in Airbnb.

Whenever you watch his or any video titled as “This is how much my tiny houses made on Airbnb in two years or three years” that captured over 800K + views the idea of wading through the 900+ comments, out of which finding the valuable ones are impossible. Moreover, if you are using YCS, you will be able to load all the comments and also get the facility to filter the large number of comments.

Additional bonus is that you can search by particular keywords as per your requirements or you can filter comments by the author or verified users. Or users have dropped in timestamps within their comments itself. By using these methods, you can get the information about the content that really resonated with the audience or whether they found it useful or not so that you can have more ideas to make your content strategy.

Key features of YCS

The platform lets you search the comments of any video and apply filter across replies to those particular comments, chat replay, video transcipts, time stamp, author commentary, and many more all by keyword. This is one of the best tool to search Youtube comments.

Pros of YCS

  • The platform supports you to export comments.
  • The comment finder tool supports multilingual search
  • YCS allows you to get the account’s history section.
  • It also works in incognito mode, that might help you with privacy.
  • It allows you to directly search in the comments section – which means you don’t have to navigate away to any other site.

And if you ask the cost of YCS, it’s totally free of cost. 

2 Youtube Comment Finder (YTComment)

The platform YT Comment is a third-party online tool which helps you to search any Youtube video of your choice for comments.


Key features of Youtube Comment Finder (YTComment)

YTComment is one of the simplest comment finder tool to use. You just need to copy the URL that you are willing to search, first visit their website, now paste the URL of Youtube video you selected into search bar, and just type the keyword that you want to search for.

Just through a particular keyword, you can find all the comments using this tool. On the every search you make, you will get the opportunity to filter the comments by time or relevance to better gather information about what’s more important for the content to attract more views and subscribers and what’s not. 

Pros of YTComment 

  • It allows you to search by keyword.
  • It lets you filter by Time
  • It helps you bring up all the comments
  • It lets you filter by relevance.

Cons of YTComment 

  • Type of filtering is limited.

You may find it difficult to work between websites and tabs, whereas search option works amazing, which causes friction.

And if you ask the cost of YTComment, it’s totally free of cost. However, they do accept donations.

3. Youtube Comments visible while watching: Chrome Extension

Youtube Comments visible while watching is not about searching for comments, but it is more about reading the comments while watching any Youtube video. Basically, the platform provides the facilitate it by moving recommended videos below the Youtube video and replaces it with the comments in the sidebar. When you watch any Youtube video it eliminates the aggravating ping pong match of scrolling back and forth between the video and the comment section.


Key features of Chrome Extension

The platform lets you see Youtube Comments while watching displays comments in a side panel, allowing you to filter them on a number of options such as replies, top comments, and even the latest comments.

This facility will help you to answer the most relevant comments and questions directly while watching, even the latest comments on the video which will help you to engage with the viewers.

Pros of Chrome Extension 

  • You don’t have to change sites, it can be used within Youtube.
  • It makes easier to view comments while watching the Youtube video.
  • And gets updated frequently.

And if you ask the cost of Chrome Extension, it’s totally free of cost. 

4. Youtube Studio

As we all are very much aware about the fact that Youtube don’t allow the users to search comments when you are watching any video, so in that case you can simply navigate away from the video and use Youtube Studio to perform this task. However, only for the videos that you are the creator of, and not ones that belong to your competion.

And the process over here is very simple you just have to access to your Youtube account profile and navigate to the comments section which is located along the left-hand side of the screen.

Youtube Studio

Key features of Youtube Studio

On the platform Youtube Studio, one of the main feature of the comments section is that you can search by comments that have been published or that are held for review.

You also get the feature to filter those comments to whom you have not replied yet, which makes replying to viewers, and boosting your engagement so much easier.

Even you can search by those comments which include questions, which again helps you in providing value to your viewers or subscribers way easier because you get the opportunity to reply directly to their respective queries. Bonus point here is that you will have the ability to filter the comments which are having questions, that will eventually help you to create more ideas to improve your content and make it even more valuable for the viewers.

Pros of Youtube Studio

  • It allows you to filter your results for even better data.
  • By using Youtube Studio, you can search a wide range of useful categories.
  • It itself is part of the Youtube Platform.

Cons of Youtube Studio

  • It does not allow you to search competitors videos for comments.

And if you ask the cost of Youtube Studio, it’s totally free of cost. 

5. Hadzy

Hadzy is also a third-party online tool which claims it has been developed with Youtube, however the documentation link states that this is just a marketing tactic given all aplatforms use Youtube’s API’s. Whether it’s a marketing tactic or not, but sure it is one of the top runner ups for the comment search. It allows you to analyze, sort, and search Youtube comments from your own videos or competition.


Hadzy relies upon the insertion of Youtube video URL into their websites. You just have to copy the URL and paste it into the Hadzy search bar and click on the option as ‘load data’, which will give you two options – statistics or comments.

This particular feature that Hadzy provides to drill down is one of the things that users likes the most and makes Hadzy different from every other platform.

Here, the comment option lets you see comments with time stamps and engagement levels. Other than that you can still search for specific keywords or authors. By single click, you can copy any comment to your clipboard. Now last but not the least, it also has the option to randomly select a comment for inclusion in your marketing or as a winner to any contests you may have.

Moreover, with the most value, it’s the statistics tab. There’s a trove of information here below that would help you a lot and would be very valuable to anyone that is creating content or marketing to a number of people. We have explained them in particularly three data sets:

  • Word Cloud

It allows you to see which are the words that are used by your audience more often. With such option, you understand better your audience on recurring themes and areas that can be improvised.

  • Top Questions

This option allows you to get the questions that your viewers have regarding your content, and you can answer to those answers easily with a response video, or in content to other platform.

  • Top Commenters

Having a clear picture of who is interacting with your or a competitor’s content will allow you to better understand who they are creating content for.

Key features of Hadzy

What makes Hadzy special is its statistics option. You get the opportunity to understand the words of your viewers, questions to their answers, and top commenters make this a solid option for the people that want to search Youtube comments.

Pros of Hadzy

  • Easy filter by author
  • Easy filter by date
  • Copy and paste comment functions.
  • You can use Hadzy for any Youtube video.
  • In depth statistics that show top questios, top commenters and top words.

Cons of Hadzy

  • Separate website causes friction between Youtube and the comment search functionality.

And if you ask the cost of Hadzy, it’s totally free of cost. 

Bonus Point: How to change the comments view order?

Yes, you heard it right! You can change the view order as well of your comments. On the page of your video, you can rearrange the comments order. You may sort them by top comments or by added date. Below we are mentioning the steps:

  • The very first step, you need to sign in to your Youtube account.

Studio: http://studio.youtube.com

  • From the left bar, select content, click a video’s thumbnail, and click on show more in video details page.
  • Under “comments and ratings” select sort by, and then choose between “top” and “newest”.
  • Now just save the changes and you are done.

Final Words

Youtube comments plays a powerful role in the terms of handling your Youtube business as Youtube content creator. There won’t be any bad in believing that the search algorithm considers comments on your videos to be significant indicator of their efficiency, and that is why also gives them higher rankings for the specific searches.

More and more of views on the Youtube video, higher the success you will have as a Youtube content creator.

And the Youtube Comments finder helps in handling the track of bad and good comments on the video or the questions that users may have, and want you to answer them. That will help the content creator as well to identify the needs of his/her viewers, and will give the huge rise in the number of viewers as well.