Creating Email without any Phone Number: At the previous times, if people have to receive or send any message, they probably take the help of any bird or any other kind of messenger. Afterwards people updated their mode of communication by writing letters and were used to sending those letters through the post. And nowadays, all the work or the communication is done with the help of technology, or electronic devices like computers, laptops, phones and so on. 

One of these communication modes is an Email. This platform helps in both personal and business communications, to use this platform first you need to create an account, an increasing number of providers need a phone number to create an account. However, it is required for security purposes which we will discuss in detail further, also there can be multiple reasons for a person who wants to create an email without any phone number, such as personal data concerns. 

Every Phone number is unique in its own way, that is why it can be used for identification purposes. We can also say that it can be used to protect the accounts and can also help to verify its users. Moreover, attaching the phone number to online accounts can mean intrusive data-gathering, a significant digital footprint, and opening oneself up to the threat of data breaches.

In previous years, we have seen multiple large-scale data breaches, and that coming from one of the most notable email providers, in that incident at least 500 million Yahoo! Account details were stolen along with people’s phone numbers.

Even though you might not be concerned about the data breach, it is always a thing to have the option to set up an email account without any phone number, whether it’s a second or a third account. That is why we are here with some of the best providers to create a new email without a phone number. So let’s get started below about the ways to create an email account. To make your life easier we’ve reviewed some of the best providers to create an Email account without any phone number. Kindly read the entire article for a better understanding.

Reasons behind why provider may need your phone number

For accurate knowledge about email creation, we must know why a provider needs a phone number to create an email account. Below we have mentioned a few reasons for the same:

  • Verification

The very first thing that the provider confirms is that you are not a bot or a spammer. Providers don’t allow bots or spammers on mail servers as they can reduce their reputation and waste resources.

  • Two–Factor Authentication

The two-factor authentication is also known as 2FA, it is a security measure which protects online accounts with more than login credentials. Out of which a second credential or factor will often be connected to a phone.

  • Account Recovery

With the help of phone numbers you can access accounts in case you have forgotten the username and password. You must have some kind of account recovery because losing login credentials could be a disaster.

These are some common reasons, not the only reasons that a company might ask for a phone number. Adding to that, it is worth remembering that even if an email provider may not need a phone number, many will still push users in the very same direction. 

How to create an email account?

Create email account

Generally, whenever you create a new Gmail account, Google will ask you for the verification through phone number. Earlier it was optional, but now Google has made it mandatory for everyone. Sometimes we don’t want Google to know our number, after all phone numbers are sensitive information. Every person must have the question that what if Google got breached and the phone number got leaked? In such cases we all want to keep it to ourselves. To find an alternative to this, you might be wondering if it is possible to create the account without phone number verification. 

Luckily, there are multiple ways to avoid Gmail’s phone number verification. So, for whatever reason you don’t want to share your phone number, there are alternate options available out there. 

Before that let’s discuss the steps to create an email account, below we have mentioned the following steps, have a look: 

  • First you need to open the web browser, then go to the Gmail website. On the available screen, there will be an option as sign-in, click on that.
  • Afterwards it will ask you to fill in the required details such as name, phone number, gender, date of birth, etc.
  • Then you need to create a username and password of your choice.
  • Before proceeding further read all terms and conditions and click on the next option to agree.
  • Now, the email account is created for you with the username and password of your choice. So whenever you sign in to the account, you need to enter these username and password on the same device or you can also login to your account on different devices.

You might be asked to enter the phone number while registering into an email account. While signing in to your mail account it may ask you to enter your phone number as there might be multiple reasons for it.

Can the same phone number be used for multiple Gmail accounts?

The answer is “yes”. In case you are using a real phone number to sign up, you can use the same phone number several times to sign up for different Gmail accounts. Also, one more thing to be noted is that you can’t use dummy numbers more than once, so if you are wishing to use a single number on multiple accounts you will have to use a real phone number. 

Another option is to create multiple accounts where you are under 15 and update your birthday as time goes on. Now, you must be wondering why to update it? Reason being Gmail does not normally ask you for a phone number until you turn 18; their terms of service could change in the future.

Must checks before creating An Email without phone number

There are must checks to consider when it comes to finding a provider that offers email without a phone. As per the collected information from few email providers that don’t need any phone number as they are based on:

  • Reputation

Is the particular service likely to suddenly come to an end, wasting all the time and energy you’ve put into setting up and connecting an account?

  • Features

What features does the email provider offer? Do they provide integrations, spam filtering, backups, custom domains, etc.?

  • Security

Is it end-to-end encrypted? What kind of security do they provide?

  • Support

What kind of support team is available, is it easy to ask questions or find information?

  • Price

What are the different packages available, how much do the services cost?

Ways to create An Email Without any Phone Number

Nowadays, just like a disposable account, you can use a disposable phone number in order to create a google account. These kinds of numbers are available on several websites. But then, Google has blocked websites that provide users anonymous or disposable phone numbers.

Every user will feel safe to use if they have the privacy that no one can see their messages. This kind of security is provided by Email. It is way too secure  and is end-to-end encrypted.

Until now you must have understood the techniques and processes to create a new email account without any phone number. However it is good for you to enter your phone number while creating your email account so that you can secure and reset your Gmail password anytime when you forget it. 

Below we are mentioning some of the techniques to create an email account without any phone number:

  • Creating a temporary email address

This is a disposable account that does not ask users to fill in their personal information to sign in. The inbox is designed to self-destruct after a specific time. Several websites are used to create a temporary email address. However nowadays, Google is blocking these websites that are used to create a temporary email account.

  • Do register with the service that offers other means of verification as well.
  • While creating the account, skip adding any phone number. Below are the steps:
  • Open the browser of your choice such as Google Chrome. To switch the incognito mode by pressing short code Ctrl+Shift+N.
  • Open the link as
  • Fill in the asked details by avoiding the phone number.
  • To make use of anonymous numbers to verify.

A Few Free Email Services to Sign-up Without Phone Number verification

Here, below we are mentioning before you a list of free email services that do not ask for any phone number. These days, it’s kind of creepy. Every person who wants to create an email needs to give away his/her phone number. Although it adds a layer of security, it also comes at the price of privacy. So below we are mentioning a list of email providers that provide free email services without asking for phone numbers – have a look! 

  • Mail.COM login

It is so simple to sign up with . You just need to enter your name, email address of your choice, password, security question and that is all you need to fill. And you will have your own email account within a few minutes. An important thing to be noted is that it has a limited storage of 65 GB for its free users and the largest allowed attachment is 30 MB.

It may surprise some of you, but the extra features they offer greatly outweigh the limits – Two-factor authentication (2FA), free online office suite and they also have free email mobile apps for both iOS and Android. is one of the most famous among all as servers are decently fast, and the service they provide is hustle free.  

Tutanota Logo

Tutanota is one of the best email services that we know of. It offers free anonymous sign-ups and up to 1GB of storage space. The best part is that Tutanota is end to end encrypted which adds another layer of security.

The service provider has no advertisements. It is an open source which is funded by donations plus premium accounts. These premium accounts only cost 1 euro per month, and are very affordable.

GMX Logo

The service provider GMX (Global Mail Exchange) by a company in Germany. It has been running since 1997, and is plenty reliable enough. Important thing to mention here is that they  do not have any storage restrictions, they have the attachment limit of 50MB and advertisements alert. Also, as we all know you do not need any phone number to register on GMX, but you must have another email account.

Protonmail Logo

Protonmail provides free email accounts of 500MB storage and 150 emails per day and this service provider is Switzerland based. It might not sound that exciting, but Protonmail is end-to -end encrypted as well. Yes, you heard it correctly, by using Protonmail you can send encrypted emails to multiple people that are password protected and it will expire/self-destruct in a number of days.

Mailfence Logo

The service provider Mailfence looks much more convincing as it has end to end encryption, no tracking, privacy, and no ads. For Mailfence as well you need to have an existing email to sign up and activate Mailfence.

Guerrilla mail Logo

If you are looking for a temporary email, then this is the right platform for you. The service provider Guerrilla mail is a one time email that you can create, just use the created email and dispose immediately. No sign up is required, and also you can attach files up to 150MB.

Email on deck Logo

The service provider Email on Deck is just like an alternative to Guerrilla Mail, it is so simple to create your temporary email by just verifying that you are not a bot. Just use and dispose of it.

Trash mail Logo

Trash mail is yet another temporary email provider. No details are required such as no sign up, no fuss, no password, no phone numbers. An additional suggestion is that kindly do not use it for your personal information.

Mailnesia screen

This service provider Mailnesia is often known as an Email with amnesia. You read it correctly, you just simply have to enter the email of your choice and instantly you will get a mailbox. The only problem with Mailnesia is that you can not send any email with it though.


Just like Mailnesia, Tempinbox is yet another public email that will be ready to use immediately. But here again you can only receive emails with Tempinbox, and there is no option to send emails.


This service provider is a Latvian company that provides primarily email services. Although this platform is totally covered with ads, the email service is free of cost, and along with that some others such as photo and file hosting. The providers do not give you any chance for disappointment, they are quite generous with their storage space as well. Also one more thing to be noted about the service provider is that it seems like they are experiencing a lot of spammers, and it may take a while for you to be able to register properly.

Important Note: It has been reported that now locks you at a page which asks your phone number after the registration. But still if you want you can have a try.

Yandex Logo

The last but not the least is Yandex, also known as “Russian Google”. If you have noticed we mentioned “not really” with the heading and it has been mentioned for a good reason. You can easily sign up for a Yandex email account without any phone number, simply click on “I don’t have a telephone number” during the registration.

Important Note: If the service provider Yandex somehow deems that your account is “spam” it will still ask you for the phone number as verification. So it is all up to you whether you want to share your phone number or not.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • Why do I need a phone number to create an Email?

It only asks just to ensure and verify your identity, whether it’s fake or real.

  • Can I use the same phone number for different emails?

You can not use the same phone number as Google may ban your account.

Final Words

Now after reading the article you must be aware that there are multiple options available out there. Also you need to keep in mind that Google asks you for the phone number due to some reason behind it. In any case, if you ever forget the password or in any way you lose the access to your Gmail account, then there would not be any other option than recovering your account with a real phone number. Read the entire article and think carefully before you set up any new Gmail account.