Are you also a music lover, but the price paid to download your favorite music tickles you? Do not feel left out as you are not alone, we all want to listen to good music but it could be a bit expensive to download all our favorite songs and tracks on iPhones. You’ve landed on the right place as in today’s article we’ll be discussing all the ways to download music on your iPhone/iPad for free as well as paid ones. 

Today, there are lots of free music libraries available online, and downloading them can be done with ease.  There are a few apps that allow iOS music app users to download mp3 and songs legally. Music streaming applications like Apple Music, Spotify and Audiomack have a huge database of music to access their user’s moods needs. These apps provide a huge selection of music that you can manage and play offline. You may also want to try an app like PullTube, which allows you to download music from multiple sources for free.  They have very user-friendly interfaces and allow their users to access their music library without needing an internet connection. It is also possible to download free mp3 from websites like ccMixter and Jamendo, which offer legal downloads of various genres of music.

Best ways to download free music on iPhone 2023

To download free music on your iPhone, you first need to find the right music streaming apps. Several free streaming service plans are available, such as Pandora Music and Apple Music. If you want to transfer your music collection from a computer to an iPhone, you can use the Transfer Feature on Apple’s iOS operating system. Additionally, you can use SoundCloud or Spotify for free versions of popular songs and albums. Alternatively, if you want to use a service that allows you to download music from multiple sources using a browser or Dropbox, try using PullTube. Finally, if you just want free versions of songs or albums, look for websites that offer them for free. Here are some free sources to download music for free on iPhone.

Audio mack


Audio Mack is a free music files website that enables users to download and stream music online. Besides Audio Mack, there are other websites such as Yahoo Music, Soundcloud, and MTV that provide unique audio files to its users. In order to download songs using Audio Mack , one should first install the app on their device. After the installation is done, the user can search for any song they want in the search bar and start streaming or downloading it for free. Audiomack is the official website to download music files in different audio formats.

Audiomack App

Installing audio mac

  1. To install it, first, the user needs to open their target web browser and type in ‘Audiomack’ in the search bar and click on the link provided by them. 
  2. After that, they will be directed to the Audiomack website where they can select their favorite music from a list of available songs. They can also record any song they like while playing it by pressing down on ‘Step 3 Record’ button and then continue with Step 3 Play if they want to play it back again or add more tracks.
  3. When all is done, users can save their files as an MP3 format or any other specified format of their choice and finish up their recordings for free. 

Installing songs using AudioMack

AudioMack is a great party tool for music lovers and DJ’s, as it can capture all sorts of audio from the computer and turn it into a multi-track mode. It also allows users to download songs from TunesKit Audio and Audiomack, two popular sites. Installing songs using Audio Mac is easy;

  1. Simply launch the app,
  2. Select the task function you want to perform (e.g download music or track),
  3.  Enter your desired settings or preferences for that particular task.
  4.  Click the ‘Start’ button to begin downloading your favorite tunes.

 Audio Mac is an app available from the App Store for both iOS and Android devices, including Apple iPhones and iPads. It allows users to easily download music online directly onto their devices without having to go through a lengthy process of searching, downloading and converting files. With Audio Mac, you can also capture MP3 audio streams from popular streaming services such as Spotify or YouTube Music. You can then transfer your newly downloaded music files between multiple devices including iPhones, iPads and other Android devices with ease.

Upload your music to Audiomack App

 Additionally, you can also share your favorite tunes with friends via social media sites like Facebook or Twitter directly from within the app.

E sound music

E-sound music

The E Sound Music Download For iPhone is an amazing app that allows users to access and download music from various streaming services. Not only can you easily download your favorite songs, but you can also stream music directly from the app. With the music store, you can access over 70 million songs right at your fingertips! Furthermore, with Apple Music integration, it’s easy to sync up with all of your iTunes downloads. 

The app lets users create their own personal music library and play it on their iPhone devices without having to store it in their device’s internal storage. It also provides access to cloud music services like Google Drive, Dropbox and WebDAV, allowing users to store and stream their music in the cloud with a generous amount of storage space. The app also comes with its own music player so you can listen to your favorite tracks right away! 

With E Sound Music Download for iPhone, you can access Apple Music and SoundCloud Go streaming services, as well as use the transfer feature to move music files from your computer to your device.  Here’s the link to install E Sound music for iPhone:

E-sound music player review

Once you’ve installed the app using the above link, you can easily download any song or track following the below-mentioned steps.

To download Free songs using E Sound Music:

  1. Once the download is complete, simply launch the app.
  2. Register yourself for free or login using your credentials if you already have an account
  3. Choose the artist for the suggestion or search for your favorite artists and proceed.
E-sound music registration
Enter name and sirname
Choose artists
  1. Find the song you wish to download
  2. Tap on the two dots at the right of the song
  3. Then tap download offline

Note : make sure you have a good internet connection.

You can also store and manage your music collection offline with the app’s offline listening feature. In addition, you can use Dropbox or a browser with Fi Transfer to store and share files directly from the app. With these features, you can easily create a personal music library of all your favorite tracks and access them on any device with just an internet connection. E Sound Music Download for iPhone is a great way to keep your favorite music on the go. With this app, you can download MP3 tracks from various sources such as Google Play and iTunes. You can then store them in your Dropbox folder or share them with friends via the share button. 

To find the downloaded songs:

  • Tap on the “Library button” at the bottom
  • Navigate to the “Saved Songs”

Cloud music player

Cloud music player is another app that lets you enjoy and download music so that you can listen music even without an internet connection. This app comes with powerful transfer tools that allow you to download music from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod to your computer. As such, whenever you want some free music from the internet, you can make use of these powerful transfer tools and get the wanted music on your device in no time. The app allows you to listen to the downloaded offline music anytime without any internet connection. It saves space on your device as all of your music is stored on Google Drive, DropBox, or One Drive. Apart from this the app also allows you to import music from your device Additionally, there is a sleep timer as well which you can modify at your convenience. Users can easily manage their music by creating, renaming, and modifying Playlists.

To download Cloud Music Player

  1. Tap on the link to download the Cloud Music App:
Cloud Music Player
  1. Tap install, and simply launch the app on your device.

To sync songs from your device with the Cloud Music Player:

  • Launch the app
  • Select the “Sources” option and navigate to “Wi-Fi Transfer”
  • Go to the local URL provided via your browser using your device
  • Click “Upload files” and select a song from your device.
  • Once it has been uploaded tap on the cancel option to close the URL menu
  •  Now, tap songs on the bottom to access the synced songs.

To view downloaded songs:

  • Launch the app
  • Select the “sources” option and navigate to the Google Drive/DropBox/ OneDrive (where ever you’ve saved the offline songs)
  • You’ll find the already downloaded as well downloading songs. You can also cancel the download of songs from here.
  • Tap on the downloaded songs to play them.
Cloud Music Player Application

Sound Cloud

sound cloud

SoundCloud is a popular music streaming application which lets users download songs from their database for free and also upload their own work. Audiomack is another good option for users with iPod Touch or iPhones as it provides great sound quality. All these apps have a huge selection of songs from different genres that you can download to your mobile or tablet device without any hassle. For example, if you are looking for a free streaming service plan, you can use popular apps like SoundCloud and Spotify. You need to have a valid Apple ID to use these services.

The app is easy to use and allows you to quickly search for any MP3 file you need without having to manually search through websites or download links. It also works on iPad and Safari browsers. With this app, you can search for any song or artist and then save the songs to your device with one click.

How To download the Sound cloud

 application sound cloud

Tap on the link: to install the SoundCloud app on your iPhone/ iPad.

Final cut

With these apps, you can access a good music download library of free tracks that you can store on your device and listen to them offline. Other apps like Cloud Music allow you to stream music from the cloud directly to your device. It is a great way to store your songs and access them anytime. You can also check other apps like Voxa Cloud which offers free music storage with an unlimited library of songs, but it might require a paid subscription. Thus, depending on your needs and budget you can download free music on iPhone or iPad from the above sources.  However, most streaming services require a paid subscription if you want to play the music offline. Finally, make sure that you know the source of the music before downloading it – some free downloads may be illegal or contain malware.


How to download music from Google Play?

To download free music from Google Play, you will need an app such as Music Downloader or Free Music Downloader. These apps are available for both iOS and Android devices. You can also use many other apps to download good music for free. Some of these include SoundCloud, Pandora, and Spotify. To save songs to your iPhone or iPad, you may need to use Documents by Readdle or another app that allows you to store files on your device

How to download music from Amazon music on iPhone?

You can also use the Amazon Prime Music app to download free music on your iPhone or other iOS device. This app provides access to millions of songs from various genres and you can also purchase tracks if you wish

To download free music on your iPhone, first, tap the Amazon Music icon on your home screen. From the App Store, search for ‘Amazon Prime’ and open it. The app will require you to log into an existing Amazon account or create a new one.

How to download music using iTunes  on iPhone?

You can use iTunes to download free music to your iPhone. Go to the iTunes Store and search for free music. You can find many songs and albums that are either completely free or have a low cost associated with them. Once you’ve found the songs you want, simply click the “Buy” button and they’ll be added to your iTunes library. From there, you can easily sync them to your iPhone by connecting it to your computer via a USB cable.

Can you download songs for free on Apple Music?

Apple Music is an official app for downloading music on iOS devices, but it requires a monthly paid subscription for offline playback. You need to have a valid Apple ID to use these services.

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