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Nowadays, people are much more active on social media as it has become an important source of entertainment. On most social platforms when you sign up, firstly you need to agree to their conditions and terms which you can not violate. In most cases, people agree to these terms and conditions without reading them, due to which most accounts face a permanent ban. However, the social platform Facebook takes its conditions and community guidelines very seriously, which results in a temporary block for most of the accounts.

Now, let’s know a little about Facebook. The social media platform named Facebook is the world’s largest social media network, with active users of over 2.6 billion, and is growing rapidly every coming year. Using the platform Facebook people can connect to their loved ones very easily. On Facebook, you can surf news and get updated information about the world and can also share your views about it. 

Basically, it’s a platform for connecting people all over the globe. However, it is very common on this platform to face spamming, authentication issues, privacy issues, and identity theft. To avoid such issues, Facebook keeps updating its security guidelines constantly. But sometimes you will find out that some of the Facebook accounts get locked temporarily due to its strict policy and many other reasons. In this Blog, we will discuss in brief the reasons that your account gets blocked temporarily and ways to resolve it easily.

Temporarily Locked Facebook Account 

Although the platform Facebook holds easy and convenient features to use. But in case, if it senses any suspicious activity or security-related issues from the user end, Facebook may ask for user authentication, which has turned out to be such a valuable option to stop spam and suspicious activities. It is helpful in preventing faulty accounts, legitimate users may suffer too, and get locked out of their accounts. 

Reasons behind Temporary Lock for Facebook

We must know the reason behind any issue we face. So let us discuss multiple possibilities that can temporarily lock your Facebook account. We have mentioned a few reasons below, have a look:

  • If any third person reports your account for any offensive action, comment, or abusive content and these reports arrive in large numbers, then Facebook may take action against your account.
  • In the case of promoting as well if you start spamming your posts, Facebook may lock your account.
  • Sometimes you receive warnings from Facebook, and if you do not acknowledge them or fail to prove authentication of your account, for that as well your account may get locked temporarily.
  • For any suspicious activity as well, the account may get locked.
  • An important point to mention here is that Facebook has set a certain limit for sending friend requests, and if you exceed that limit, then the account may get locked.
  • If your Facebook account is logged in on multiple devices.
  • Also, if you share any spam content unknowingly.

Bonus Tip: To prevent your Facebook account from getting locked, you can also have a look at Facebook guidelines through facebook.com/helplink.

What to do when your Facebook Account is Temporarily Locked?

Sometimes, even after taking all the above-mentioned precautions, your Facebook account gets blocked, and you are not able to log in. An error will pop up on the screen as “your account is temporarily blocked due to security reasons”. If you see such an error, do not try to log in immediately to the account, you need to wait for at least 96 hours after getting the account locked. Once you are done waiting for this period, clear the cache and browsing history of the browser in which you were logging in your Facebook account. Otherwise, you can log in to another browser as well. If you find that your account is still blocked, then possibly the reason that your account got blocked is due to security purposes. In that case, you have to prove your identity as the actual owner.

How to Unlock the Temporarily Locked Facebook Account for Security Reasons?

Error on screen

If in case, the Facebook account is blocked temporarily for security reasons. Not to worry, we got the solution for that as well. Just follow the below-mentioned steps to get it resolved: 

  • As mentioned in the above points, you need to clear your cache and browsing history, after clearing all this go to www.facebook.com and fill in the required details.
  • When you go to that page, Facebook may ask you a few security-related questions and you need to answer those questions respectively.
  • If you answer these asked questions correctly, it will help you to recover your Facebook account easily. If this does not work, in that case, you need to verify your identity on Facebook.

In case, Facebook Account is Temporarily Locked due to security reasons, ways to unlock 

We have one more solution to your problem of temporary blocks due to security reasons. You can get it back by submitting your ID proof. Below we are mentioning the steps by which you can submit the ID proof easily and get your account unblocked: 

  • Enter the link as facebook.com/help/contact/260749603972907 on the browser of your choice to open the form to submit your ID proof.
  • Once you enter this link, it will open an application in which you have to fill up the asked details, then tap on the send button. With such steps, you can get back your Facebook account without any hustle.

Bonus Tip: There are multiple options for adding ID proof such as a Passport, Voter ID, Driving License, Birth certificate, and so on. An important point to remember is that you have to wait at least a week after submitting your ID proof for Facebook to complete its identification process and get your account unblocked.

Alternate ways to unlock your Temporarily Locked Facebook Account for security reasons

We have already mentioned a couple of ways to recover your Facebook account, another way to unblock the account is by your trusted friends, they can help you with it. Wondering how? Have a look at the below-mentioned steps:

  • Open the browser, now enter www.facebook.com and fill in your login details.
  • There you will see an option “Get help from friends” on the security page.
  • Once you select that option, a list of friends will open out of which you have to select a friend that is aware of the unlock process of the Facebook account and you can reach out to him for the cause.
  • A verification code will be sent to your selected friend, collect that code, and enter that code on the required field.
  • Once you have entered the code and the key resembles, your account will be reopened.

Reporting the login Issue

Submit a Report

In case, if your account gets temporarily locked by Facebook, you can also request help using the “Report a login issue” feature. This feature you will see at the bottom of the Facebook settings, there you will be able to describe what was the error which you were facing while logging in to the account and attempts you have made to resolve it. And make sure that you provide an active email so that you can have follow-ups on your complaint. For better assistance, you can also add a screenshot of the error message popping up on the screen.

Most of the time you get the reply or revert back within 24 hours but in case there are a huge number of cases with the team, you will get the reply within 10 days.

Fill out the form as “Security Checks Preventing Login”

Mostly when Facebook locks you out of the account it sends you a security code for verification. And this verification code will be sent to the provided phone number or Email ID, once you enter it correctly your Facebook account will be unlocked automatically. Also, if you do not receive any verification code on your provided email ID or phone number, in that case you need to connect with Facebook’s support team and fill out the form “Security checks preventing login”.

Once you receive this form, you need to explain the error precisely and put your email so that you can have follow-ups to get the issue resolved. Also, make sure you checked properly that you are not receiving the code. Now, you can add a screenshot of the error popping up on the screen to get the issue resolved better.

Verify your identity through Facebook

Confirm your identity

Till now you must be aware of the help section of Facebook, you can also verify your identity by filling out a form on Facebook. After filling out this form, you will be able to do the verification process to Facebook that you are the owner of the account.  And in this form, you can add ID proof such as a passport, driver’s license, or photo.

One more mandatory detail which you need to enter is your Email ID or phone number for the follow-up of the concern. Later, in the end, Facebook will tell you they can only store your ID proof for a year which you can change to thirty days through the identity confirmation settings. Now, you can submit the form to Facebook and wait for their return.

Precautions methods after you unlock the Facebook Account

As you are done with unlocking the account, we must be aware of what precautions to be taken to avoid such issues in the future. So, here are some of the precautionary methods to avoid these issues:

  • Never get involved with activities that are restricted by Facebook.
  • Do not access or log in your Facebook account on multiple devices.
  • Send limited Friend requests, and never ever spam content and messages.
  • Must avoid sensitive content being posted or liked by your Facebook account that is unacceptable according to Facebook guidelines.
  • Always avoid using proxy servers at all costs.

Facebook Locked out your Account

Most of the time, we keep the Facebook account logged in on a single device for a long time, and then for some reason you need to log in to the account on some other device but you do not remember the login details of your Facebook account. Suddenly you are having trouble logging in to your account, and after multiple steps, your account will be locked temporarily.   

Causes Facebook Locked out from your Account

There are so many various reasons for your account to be locked by Facebook, however, you must know the reason behind this happening. Below we are mentioning a few of them: 

  • Clear Facebook’s out process

From time to time, Facebook runs a clear-out process to remove all suspicious, duplicate, or fake accounts from the platform. For that purpose, if Facebook finds your account doing any such activity in this entire process, there are chances that Facebook might lock your account.

  • Illegal activities happening through the account

Facebook helps you to promote your content in various ways until and unless it is surrounded by legal limitations. Also would like to inform you that in case any such illegal activity takes place over the account you will be entitled to punishment whether it is your public account or a private account. And the punishment may result in locking or disabling the Facebook account.

  • Never avoid Facebook warnings

Whenever you perform any activity on Facebook legitimate it if it finds any unacceptable activity, Facebook gives you a specific notice or warning kind of a pop-up on the screen. Moreover, if you neglect these warnings repeatedly, Facebook might lock your account.

  • Limitations to the number of friends

There are pre-set limitations for accepting or sending friend requests over Facebook. For example, if you are sending over 30 friend requests to different people just in a single day, Facebook may consider you a robot or spammer. So sending a huge number of friend requests in a day can also result in a locked account.

How to unlock the Facebook Account without any ID proof?

unlock the Facebook Account without any ID proof

Also, make a note that if your Facebook account is blocked due to some extreme case, you won’t be able to unlock your account without any ID proof. In most cases, the user needs to wait for at least 96 hours to log in to the account. It may ask you to follow certain steps in the process to unlock the account. Once you are done with all these measures, your account will be unlocked and you will be able to use the account again. You can also use the Forgot Password option to unlock your account.

Bonus Tip: To unlock your Facebook account, you can also use the ‘Forget the password’ option available on Facebook’s home page.

A Few Bonus points to avoid locking the Facebook Account

Whenever any user uses Facebook without taking any precautions, then they might face problematic issues like locked or disabled accounts. Below we are mentioning a few precautionary methods through which you can avoid these issues: 

  • Always read all the terms and conditions carefully

You must read all the terms and conditions carefully because in case you did not pay attention to any of the terms, you might get into some serious trouble, and even your Facebook account may get locked.

  • Avoid using Proxy Servers

Just by hiding your location, servers may look suspicious so you must enable them to avoid any problem.

  • Signing in from multiple devices
Temporarily Locked Error

If you are signing to your Facebook account from multiple devices at the same time, in that case you might face problems, and amongst the list of problems, a locked or disabled Facebook account is one of the biggest problems.

If the above-mentioned options do not work, you can also visit the facebook.com/help/community page and get your query resolved. You will get even better guidance here on how you can unlock your Facebook account. You also get the option to raise the question if you are not satisfied with any of the answers.

We have tried to gather all the required information about the locked Facebook account or Facebook login issues. Kindly read the entire article to get better assistance.

Final Words

The messaging platform Facebook can lock your account for about 24 to 48 hours and can also extend it to 30 days, the time duration depends on how severe the offense is and the suspicious activity. However, Facebook only applies the temporary block; it is not a permanent block caused by posting harmful content to users, you also receive warnings before locking the account. Not to worry anymore, just have a good look at the entire article and you will be able to get your Facebook account back.