Previously, if we wanted to edit any video we need sit in front of desktop for hours. But not anymore. Nowadays, you have several editing apps to edit your videos easily by mobile phones itself. Also, you get this service absolutely free of cost, you don’t need to pay any single penny to use them.

And you can simply download these video editing apps from the play store for your android and iPhone mobile phones, these apps will help you to post the videos more convienently, whether you want to upload them on Youtube or Instagram or any other social platform. Now you must be wondering which is the best app to download? Don’t worry about that as well because in today’s article we have mentioned few apps which you can download for your devices.

As iphone are becoming more popular these days, it is more powerful and highly capable of intensive tasks as well. We all are very much aware about that fact of camera quality of iphone, that it has best of camera quality among other mobile phones. So, these mentioned capabilities make iphones highly capable of handling both editing videos and shooting videos as well, also we must mention that the latest iphone 14 pro is powered by the A16 Bionic chip which is rivalling the performance process of Intel and AMD chips which is used in our laptops.

Now with the upgraded technology of iphone you will be able to edit and as well as publish your videos directly. Keeping that in mind, we have listed a few apps through which you can edit your videos on android and iphones as well. 

Shooting videos using iphone has become increasingly popular because of iphone camera quality has been improved by the passing time. And as we have mentioned earlier everybody wants to have the power so that they edit heir videos directly from their phones itself.

To post and create any content, the use of video editing app for iphone has made it even easier for the users. And not to waste your time searching that which app is best to use, we will discuss the list below in the article to help you save your time and money.

Every person have a different taste, so considering that we have picked out a list of several editing apps for iphone and android. And out of that list few apps are more focused on offering expertly-crafted tools for a pro level video-editing, and on the other hand we have mentioned few apps which are primed to simplfy the whole video editing process through a ton of eye-catching filters, effects and much more. Even if you are not the movie person, you don’t like to make movies or that kind of videos, you still have the option that you can edit the videos and post them on TikTok or Instagram or any other social platform of your choice. So, without wasting the time any further let’s get started with our article!

How to select the best video editing apps

We are aware of the fact that it’s not easy to choose the right app for the editing purpose, as there are immense number of app available out there. The best video editing will be the one which has the features, facilities and interface as per your needs. And other than that it may depend upon your budget. To resolve this issue we have listed the apps which will allow you to have free trials upto 7 days so that you can test the app as per your requirements. By having the trial you will be able to understand better that which h app is best for you or for your editing.

And the mentioned list of apps for editing the videos will help you to decide it better.

How to test if it’s a best video editing app on the list

Considering your concerns to select the right app for the editing, we have categorized each app and listed key features and as well as the price if you need to pay for that particular app. And if you are willing to use the editing app in a mobile, you need to make sure that it fits the size as per available storage of the phone and the app is easily usable on the small screens as well.

Few must checks we are mentioning below:

  • Easy to use features and clarity
  • Compatibility with different kinds of mobiles phones
  • Advanced features or advanced tools
  • Integrated stock media library
  • Constant updates for the app 

Need of a video editing app

With this so advanced generation, that is so much into the social world, and if you are willing to film lots of videos and want to have more of creative control and want to have more options to stand out quickly and easily, you must need a good video editing app to do the same.

In the world of social media influencer, every influencer wants to have the best editing app which will help them to make their video even more attractive and eye catching to their audience, whether its TikTok, Instagram or any other social platform to gain likes or popularity. To gain more followers, the content creators need the features such as visual effects, stickers, and extra stock media which help them to save their time and effort. So, to make the best of a video you need to have an outstanding editing app for your video.

In simple words, if you are willing to make best video, or want to stand out of the line in order to gain followers, you must need to have the best video editing app at the first place.

Best Video Editing Apps

As discussed above in the article, below we are mentioning few best video editing apps for iphone and android devices as well, have a look:

1. PowerDirector

PowerDirector Logo

Before moving further, we want to inform you about the compatibility of the app. So, it is compatible with both iphone and androids, with the overall rating of 10 on 10.

Key Features of PowerDirector:

  1. Splice, Trim, and rotate videos with simply by tapping
  2. Apply jaw-dropping effects and transitions with drag & drop
  3. Just in seconds, add text or animated tiles to the video
  4. With PIP overlays, create video and picture collages

The app PowerDirector changes all the functionality of its desktop version into a streamlined mobile interface, including multi-track and 4k editing, which gives the videos a professional touch and help the video to stand out of the line.

The app provides HD 1080p output, but if you upgrade the version of the app you will be able to download the videos in 4k. Just in a single tap, you also get the option to directly export the video to Facebook or Instagram or any other social platform. The pro version provides even more exclusive features as it provides you the access to 8,000,000 + royalty-free stock videos, images, and music all in one app.

This is the best quality of Power Director as no other app delivers the same level of versatility when creating high-end videos.

2. Promeo

Promeo Logo

The app Promeo has the compatibility for both Android and ios devices with the overall rating of 10m on 10.

Key Features of Promeo:

  1. Easy to edit
  2. Best for social media
  3. Ready to use, customizable templates
  4. Royalty free music, stock photos and videos, stickers, including fonts

Just in simple 3 steps, the app Promeo helps you to save time in editing the videos for promotional content on social media. It also gives access to 10,000 ready to use templates, Promeo is the ideal app for creating different kinds of content on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Youtube and many other social platforms.

An interesting post can be created by simply choosing the template of your choice, by replacing the image or videos with ones you like, and by sharing it directly with your followers.

You can create your content by shooting the video on the spot, or also you can add videos, photos, and music of your choice from media stock from istock, shutterstock, or it can be unsplash. The content templates of social media comes in several categories such as beauty, education, food, real estate, fashion, auto, sports, finance, wellness and so on. Adding to that it gets updated seasonally, which will help you stay updated with new ideas to create social media content.

There is no other app that matches the Promeo’s ease of use and breadth of content creation and with the sharing options.

3. iMovie

iMovie Logo

The video editing app iMovie is compatible just with ios devices, with the overall rating of 7 on 10.

Key Features of iMovie:

  1. Simple interface
  2. Easy to use
  3. Free of cost for apple users
  4. Operatable on all modern apple devices

This app iMovie straddles the line between professional and novoice video production. In addition to that, it supports 4k and multi-track editing, has an array of filters, and allows you to add free music that will automatically be adjusted according to the length of the video. You don’t have to be the expert or professional to edit on iMovie.

The most attractive feature of iMovie is its suite of themes. It has several themes such as Sports, Photo album, Comic book, Travel, and Neon. During the editing process, it comes with the option of transitions, music, and text overlays, which will help you to save your time and effort.

And in case you have not been to iMovie yet, this is your time to explore the amazing app as Apple also keeps updating the app frequently with more options and features. For an example, In August 2020, the tech giant updated the app with 3 new filters and 25 soundtracks to iMovie. 

4. Splice


The video editing app Splice comes with the compatibility of Android as well as ios devices, with the overall rating of 7 on 10.

Key Features of Splice:

  1. Covers all the basics of video editing
  2. Exports directly to multiple social media platforms

The platform Splice provides an amazing introduction for any of the newcomer to mobile video editing app. Suppose, you want to create a highlight reel or short video of your latest hiking adventure or a wedding short film, Splice is the perfect platform for you.

Just by few taps you can trim and crop those videos just after uploading them and placing them on the proper tracks. The final result will be smoother and a cleaner footage, though you cannot edit in 4k. 

Also, you get the option to add some sonic flair with Splice’s extensive free music and sound effects library. Simply tap on the track you want and drag it to the desired spot on the timeline. The app also lets you insert transitions, add video effects, and share directly to multiple social media platforms.

If you want to have more amazing experience with Splice, just upgrade the app with an in-app purchase. You can select from monthly, quarterly, and yearly versions. Each option also comes with a free trial.

5. Quik

Quik Logo

The video editing app Quik comes with the compatibility of Android as well as ios devices, with the overall rating of 7 on 10.

Key Features of Quik:

  1. Allows different orientations
  2. Ideal for video montages
  3. Comes with integrated themes

The video editing app Quik, formerly known as Replay, is another Gopro product tailor-made for creating multi clip highlight reels.

Gopro has launched this app Quik to make fast and videos without much hustle. It allows you to mix and mash clips together, add a theme or soundtrack, and helps you to export those edited videos in minutes. So, if you are the person who wants to create the videos for Instagram or any other social platform, Quik, is the amazing platform for you. 

The app allows you to make a few edits to your masterpiece. You have the facility to add titles, filters, trims, fonts and putting your personal touch on things from start to finish. The app also provides you the access to 28 different formats for the edit to your videos or for the increased customization.

And if you are willing to create the next Tenet on your phone, though, then Quik is not for you. Because the app does not support 4k editing, and while you can have multiple audio tracks, same does not apply to the video. The user-friendly video editor appeals to people who want to create videos quickly.

6. Kinemaster


The video editing app Kinemaster comes with the compatibility of Android as well as ios devices, with the overall rating of 7 on 10.

Key Features of Kinemaster:

  1. Professional-grade tools
  2. Precise editing controls

The another video editing app Kinemaster supports 4k editing and helps to export the video to Youtube and other several social platforms. The app helps you to cut, trim and tweak the clips on a frame-by-frame basis. These precision editing capabilities ensure that your videos turn out precisely the way you want.

The app Kinemaster is missing a traditional timeline, so your clips will overlap instead of going below on a separate track if you are used to editing on other apps or software. Moreover, you can pile on images, video effects, text to create a sophisticated final product. Also note that you will need to update to the pro version in case you want to remove watermarks.

Few more features of Kinemaster include blending, transitions, lighting adjustments and chroma key. And all of these tools are available in an easy-to-navigate interface.

7. Filmmaker Pro

Filmmaker Pro

The video editing app Filmmaker Pro comes with the compatibility of Android as well as ios devices, with the overall rating of 6 on 10.

Key Features of Filmmaker Pro:

  1. Audiometer assisted voiceovers
  2. Green screen editing
  3. 17 transitions, 30 filters and 200 fonts

This video editing app Filmmaker Pro gives you the professional grade video editing experience in your hands. The app has so much advanced features that you will not find in any other application. You have the complete freedom, whether to edit green screen clips or its toggle chroma keys.

Although the app does not have a multi-track editor, Filmmaker Pro makes up for it in myriad other ways. For example, like we have discussed earlier many editing apps does not allow you to edit 4k videos but here, if you are using Filmmaker Pro, you get the option to edit the 4k clips with around 30 filters and 17 transitions. It also has the feature for Audiometer, making it easy to add a voiceover just in few minutes.

In case, if you are willing to have even more advanced features then Filmmaker Pro relies on a freemium model where the best features require an in-app purchase. And if you are buying a monthly or an annual subscription, so it will provide you or allow you to have the access to a massive range of audio tracks, illustrations, and tools. When you export the final product, you can also get rid of pesky watermarks.

8. InShot


The video editing app InShot comes with the compatibility of Android as well as ios devices, with the overall rating of 6 on 10.

Key Features of InShot:

  1. Ideal app for Instagram and TikTok
  2. Easy to use

InShot is one of the most popular video editing apps which aligns itself with social media content creation. The app has essential editing tools and a manageable learning curve. Unlike other editing apps, Inshot also has the features to adjust the speed of the video clip.

This app InShot helps you to handle both video editing as well as picture editing requirements. The app has a lot of pre-made templates for multiple social media platforms, including TikTok and Instagram. Its sleek interface makes it straightforward to import, edit, and personalize your videos, even if you lack video editing experience.

However, Inshot does not provide you the standards of a professional video editing app as it lacks multi-track or 4k editing and support systems if you have a question or technical issue. But if you want a barebones video editor, these shortcomings will not trouble you.

9. Mojo


The video editing app Mojo comes with the compatibility of Android as well as ios devices, with the overall rating of 6 on 10.

Key Features of Mojo:

  1. Frequent updates
  2. Variety of stickers and effects
  3. Access to millions of stock content
  4. Hundreds of animated templates

Once you are done downloading the app Mojo, it asks you few questions about the app usage like whether you are using the app to promote your business or just want to use the app for fun. The concept of the app is inspired by social media platforms, so avid users of Instagram or Facebook should have no issue finding what they are looking for.

This video editing app provides a variety of video sizes to match the most popular social media platforms. To mention the bonus point here for creating content, popular templates and topics are displayed on the home menu itself. Simply click on one to immediately edit it. Just not all these basic feature, Mojo also provides filter effects like glitch, VHS, or bokeh to make your content stand out. One more amazing feature to be mentioned is that, the app Mojo allows you to create your own brand kit to add fonts, colors, and your own brand logo.

In order to enjoy 3-day free trial after downloading the app, you need to subscribe first.

10. VivaVideo


The video editing app VivaVideo comes with the compatibility of Android as well as ios devices, with the overall rating of 6 on 10.

Key Features of VivaVideo:

  1. Integrated auto caption tool
  2. Video transitions
  3. Variety of filters & effects
  4. Graffiti screen recording

The app video editing app Vivavideo is an overall robust for all kinds of editors. It is an everyday use app with few basic features for editing. The app also provides a lot of commercial use stock content that range from cartoon to realistic videos. The app also has the feature of AI effects that automatically detect the object and frame it with pulsing video effects, stickers or sparkles, making it perfect for creating trending TikTok videos.

People who make or likes to make the videos for social media using their phones but also feels that subtitle feature in Youtube or Instagram is not that easy to use, to resolve that issue Vivavideo is the perfect platform for that as the app offers an integrated auto caption feature to easily translate your speech into text. Apart from this there is one more feature which makes the app special is that it has a voice changer tool that most of the editing apps does not have.

11. InVideo

InVideo Logo

The video editing app InVideo comes with the compatibility of Android as well as ios devices, with the overall rating of 6 on 10.

Key Features of InVideo:

  1. Optimized for sharing on other social media platforms
  2. Ideal for TikTok videos
  3. Easy to add trending music

The video editing app InVideo is a basic app with simple and visually pleasing UI that makes it easy to add text and voice overs or to overlay objects (photos, graphics, or videos) to your video clip.

The most attracting part here with the app is that how easily you can add music to your videos. The app’s music is different subject categories like cooking, beauty, gaming, romance, travel and so on, you also get the option to import your own music. Also, in the app you will get a category as “Trending”, by using that you can add the trending music to your videos, which is ideal if you are sharing the videos on social media platforms. 

InVideo has lots of filters and some good visual effects like multiple light effects and glitch, but does not have as many features as of other video editing apps.

Once you are done editing the video, its quite easy to share video on TikTok by just clicking the icon when you export the final video. You can share your final video on other social platforms as you can share it on whatsapp, upload it on YouTube, or as an Instagram post or story.

Also, InVideo comes with a 3-day free trial and is lacking more advanced video effects, editing features, and AI powered functions. Moreover, if you are looking for the app to fix a great TikTok video, then this editing app is just perfect for you.

12. Zoomerang

Zoomerang Logo

The video editing app Zoomerang comes with the compatibility of Android as well as ios devices, with the overall rating of 7 on 10.

Key Features of Zoomerang:

  1. Global community to share content with
  2. Step-by-step tutorials for shooting dance videos
  3. Easy to see what’s trending on social media

Our last app on the list Zoomerang is a template based video editing app with a simple editor interface, unique stickers of yourself you can create and customize, and GIFs, emojis, plus some useful features like a background remover.

The feature about Zoomerang which makes it different from other apps is that is its step-by-step tutorials for shooting short-form dance videos currently trending on the social media platforms. You can also follow hashtags to find what is currently going viral, and app also provides templates to use for you to jump on the bandwagon.

As soon as you start a project in the app, you can shoot a video using your phone’s camera. The app also features AI visual effects like out of body effects and body tracking effects with pulses and energy that are popular in dance videos on social media platforms like Instagram or TikTok.

Also note that, Zoomerang has the community of around over 25 million users around the world, so you can see how others are using the editing app.

This video editing app is the perfect platform for staying up-to-date on whatever is trending on social media, and it offers simple solutions for creating trending on social media, and it provides simple easy solutions for creating trending content of your own. Moreover, it is lacking more robust AI powered tools and complete creative control over your videos.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which is the easiest video editing app for beginners?

From the above mentioned list, iMovie is the easiest app to use. It is preinstalled on your iPhone and has all the required tools to help you make a memorable clip to share with your friends and family. 

  1. What do Youtubers use to edit their videos on iPhone?

In case, you are an iphone user and planning to edit Youtube videos on your iPhone, you won’t regret using Lumafusion or Adobe Premier Rush. These both mentioned apps are great in features and most of the Youtubers rely on these two apps in order to edit their videos. 

  1. What all iPhone models do these apps support?

The above mentioned apps are both ios and android supportive, and are officially supported by Apple, which clearly means that they will work fine with iPhone 6, iPhone 6S, iPhone 7 and 7 plus, iPhone 8, iPhone X, iPhone SE, and SE2, iPhone 11, iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and XS Max, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 13 pro, iPhone pro max, and iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Max, iPhone 14 pro and iphone 14 Pro Max. That said, you will have a better experience when using an iPhone with a larger screen.

  1. Which is the best app for IGTV, TikTok, Instagram, Reels, etc.?

If wet talk about the short videos, Quik and Splice both are superb for creating. Other than these you can use Magisto if you want to create quick videos without much hustle.