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Yahoo is an international mail service available throughout the globe which is owned by Americans, that is now a division of Verizon. The mail platform Yahoo provides several types of email plans  such as Plus, Basic, a business plan and Ad free for personal use. At present, Yahoo holds over 225 million users worldwide. Just like other email platforms Yahoo is available on iOS, macOS and android as well. For different parts of the world, Yahoo has had different domains initially, however it only allows the registration of accounts with at present. So, in case you make any email ID with Yahoo it must be ending with

In just a few simple steps, you can register an email account on Yahoo. However, sometimes the registration process can be a bit difficult. As people have also claimed to face issues multiple times while registering accounts with Yahoo mail. So the most issue faced while the registration of any account is Yahoo verification code not working. And in case you are facing the same issue with the registration process, and looking for solutions, this blog is just for you. Below we are going to discuss the same. Have a look at the entire article.

Why is Yahoo verification required in the process?

If you are looking for a secure email platform in order to share and receive emails through any client as Yahoo is known best for the same. Yahoo has the most amazing security features and services in order to share a variety of files and documents easily. But the issue that people face is that sometimes Yahoo does not respond while signing in to Yahoo email account on any of your personal devices like iPhone, Windows Laptop, Android, Mac device and many more.

So the process is like that Yahoo will send the verification code as a text message whenever you try to create a new account or try to make any security changes to an existing account. The platform will ask you to enter the provided verification code in order to confirm your identity or to have access to your existing account or any changes that you are willing to make.

Also, sometimes it may happen that you haven’t created any account nor made any security change but still you are facing the verification code, in such cases someone else mistyped their number and accidentally used yours. However you do not have to worry about that, nobody will be able to move forward with your mobile number because they don’t have access to your phone to get the verification code.

About Yahoo Verification Code

Yahoo has gained so much popularity and fame for providing smooth accessibility and its amazing features. Among all one of the best features of Yahoo is its double-layered protection that is determined by verification code or link. In simplest language, no person other than you can have access to your Yahoo account because for any alteration Yahoo asks for a verification code on being requested. Also, the verification code is only sent on a few recovery methods that are accessible to the owner of the Yahoo account. And this has turned out to be such an effective method to control hacking and to avoid other different kinds of fraudulent activities to take place all over the web network.

The verification code of Yahoo has many benefits and uses, such as recovering, changing the Yahoo account password or to make changes in the account profile. To perform any of these activities you need to do the Yahoo verification code process to confirm your identity in order to make changes to the account.

Also the verification code is sent on multiple platforms such as email address, mobile number or messenger app to make sure that users get a high level of security and protection with their accounts.

Sometimes verification code or link does not work, or in case you are not receiving the verification code, or the information provided with the verification code is not correct, if any of these issues persists you need to fix it asap or you must link with some manual recovery methods.

Problems with Yahoo Verification Code

Before we proceed any further with the article, you must be aware about the problems that you might face while using the email server. So let’s proceed with some lists of problems that you may experience due to Yahoo’s verification code, so that you can handle those errors easily:

  • The first and very common error which you may face is that you may not receive the verification code while resetting the password via email or text.
  • You may not receive a two-step verification code sometimes.
  •  Also, sometimes the verification code you receive might be invalid or has expired.
  • Due to lost recovery information, you can not receive the verification code.

Reasons behind problems with the Yahoo Verification Code or Links

The very most important thing to know is that what causes verification codes or link errors on Yahoo, after which we will discuss the possible ways to resolve these errors:

  • By using a Landline: In case you’re using the landline number instead of any mobile number, in this case as well you will not receive the verification code as we all know the verification codes are only sent on mobile numbers not on landline.
  • Smart Devices error: Your smart devices may also be the reason for issues, it can be hardware problems or might be an exhausted inbox can be the problem of not receiving the verification codes or links.
  • Contact information invalid: You must enter the correct information for the verification code such as email address and mobile number, if these information are entered incorrectly you will not receive the verification code.
  • Issues with the Email address: It may happen that in case you have any issue with your alternate email address, issues like the account has been deleted or email address is no longer available, the sent email will be redirected to the spam folder or to some other folders due to email filters, or Yahoo might have blocked your ISP, for sure you will face the issues with the Yahoo verification code or the process.

Ways to resolve the errors and issues related to Yahoo Verification Code

Below we have mentioned the step by step instructions for you to start resolving the problems which you may while using the Yahoo email server or in  case of Yahoo verification code, so follow the following steps to get them resolved easily:

  • Fix the Yahoo server

The first and top most thing to check or fix is the Yahoo server , first you need to make sure that Yahoo is working at its best or not just by checking his server status. Sometimes it may also happen that the Yahoo server is down due to which you are unable to receive the verification code at times. And to check whether the server is working or not , you can visit the link, which is and this website will provide you the required information about the Yahoo server that either every Yahoo user is facing the issue or is it just you with the problem.

  • Clear the SMS inbox of your Mobile

Checking the SMS inbox space is also a main point to mention here, in case you are requesting the verification code through SMD and you are unable to receive the same, this might occur due to storage issues. So in order to resolve it, you need to clear your inbox and gather some space in your device. Once you are done clearing the space , try to send the verification code again and check if you receive it now.

  • Change your browser or Use the updated browser

So it’s not necessary to use a web based version of Yahoo only, but to use any email server you can have any browser of your choice. There are multiple browsers that Yahoo supports such as Google Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge and Firefox. At any time, you can change , switch or update the browser of your choice whenever you feel like the browser which you are using is not working well with Yahoo. One more important fact that you need to make sure of is that you are using the latest version of the browser while using Yahoo email service because it is unlikely to work with old browsers and can also cause identity verification problems as well.

  • Check the Internet

If the issue is not with Yahoo, then it might be possible that the problem is with the network who is not letting you receive the verification code only if you were expecting the code on an alternate email address. So to resolve these kinds of issues you need to make sure that you are having a high speed data server or Wi-Fi.

  • Check with your Spam Folder

There are so many chances of even your genuine emails to get transferred to the spam folder and the same can happen with the Yahoo email as well. In case you are unable to find your email in the inbox, then you must check in the spam folder as well and for Yahoo too. Still if you are unable to find the email of your verification code, kindly check your spam box as well.

  • Click the ‘Resend’ Button

Whenever you ask for verification code on Yahoo, you will always there is an option as ‘Resend’ on the bottom of the screen through which you can resend the verification code in case you have not received it at the first time which resolves if there is any network error or technical problem while receiving the code with Yahoo.

All we are trying to make you understand is that if a few minutes have passed already and still you have not received the verification code , try sending it again by pressing the resend button and check if this time you receive the code or not. And this resend option gets activated just after a few minutes, also you can use this resend option more than once. However, also keep in mind that this option can be used for a limited time, it might disappear after a few attempts and if that happens you need to wait for at least 24 hours in order to get the option back.

  • Check with the Email address or Mobile Number

In case , you have recently added or updated your email address or mobile number, but if you haven’t verified those yet, you will not be receiving the Yahoo verification code. So in order to get the verification code you need to verify first and to do the same, we are mentioning the steps below:

Using a web browser

  • First of all, you need to sign in to Yahoo’s security page.
  • Now select edit for the unverified method of recovery.
  • As you need to verify , click on the verify option available there.
  • Follow the mentioned instructions on the screen for the verification code.

Using a Yahoo Mobile app

  • Click on the “Profile Icon” available.
  • Now select the option as “Manage accounts”.
  • Choose “account info” afterwards.
  • Click on “Security settings”.
  • Click on “edit” for the recovery option.
  • To verify , click on the “verify now” option.
  • To complete the verification process, follow the on screen instructions.

Reason of Yahoo Verification Code not receiving issue

It has been noticed multiple times that when the users try to login Yahoo email account, it asks for Yahoo verification code sent to their mobile phone. This verification process is done just to make sure that your account is protected. However, this Yahoo verification gets generated or works whenever there is any suspicious activity with the account. Whereas the problem that occurs sometimes is users don’t receive the verification code or link. Multiple reasons can be behind it, but also there are multiple ways to resolve this issue. 

Few more Email Issues with the Yahoo verification code

The account holder needs to check the alternate email address which they have provided and check if Yahoo is not blocked by the ISP of the alternate email. The user also needs to check the spam/junk mail folder in case the Yahoo verification code is there in the spam box. 

In case you have found out that your Yahoo mail is not sending the emails even after composing. Then it becomes necessary to go to the settings to check out the SMTP mail service is enabled or not in case not then you need to enable it, and to do that we are mentioning the steps below:

  • Firstly, go to settings click on the IMAP/SMTP mail server forwarding option.
  • Now, select the SMTP mail server button and enter the email address and password correctly.
  • Just click on the enable button now and follow the onscreen given instructions.
  • At the end, you just need to click on the done button whenever your task gets completed.

After following these mentioned steps, now you can try to send email from your Yahoo email account. Still if you face the error with Yahoo, you also have the option to connect with techies within a short period of time.

Another solution to the verification code can be:

Change Phone number or Recovery info

Yahoo login page

As we have discussed above in the article, it might be possible that wrong recovery information has been updated with the account or the mobile number. In these situation you need to change the recovery information, for that purpose we are mentioning the steps below: 

Using Web Browser

  • First of all, you need to sign in to Yahoo’s security page.
  • After that, click on the Edit option, which is next to the verification code, that you’re supposed to edit 
  • Now enter all the required or asked recovery details by Yahoo
  • Now just click on the confirm button and follow the given instructions on the screen to complete the entire process.

Using Yahoo Mobile app

  • Firstly, you are supposed to launch or download the Yahoo application on your smart device available on Play store
  • Then find and click on the manage account option.
  • From there click on the account info tab
  • Once you’re done , click on the account settings option
  • Now you need to click on the edit option, which is right next to the verification code that you are supposed to edit
  • Now again you need to click on the edit button for the recovery method
  • Click on the confirm option, once you are done entering the new recovery information
  • To complete the change process, just follow the given on-screen instructions
  • Later on, verify the email address and the mobile number

Ways to fix Yahoo mail forgot password and security error:

Even in case if you have forgotten the password and security question and error is appearing, not to worry , below we are mentioning the solution step by step, have a look:

  • Firstly, try to login to your Yahoo account by entering the correct email address and password.
  • In case it’s still not responding, then click on the forget password option, and select the option by which you want to recover your Yahoo email account.
  • And if you are not having any alternate email address and mobile phone number then you need to select a security question
  • If still you are unable to recover the password with the help of selected question, then you may move to another security question and answer it correctly.
  • And if you answer it correctly , you will receive the password reset link where you need to enter the new password at both places new and confirm password fields.
  • Now easily you can login to your Yahoo email account with the correct email address and password respectively.

Just in case you are worried about the issue, Yahoo mail stops sending verification codes, we assure you by following the above mentioned solutions your issue will be fixed. However, if you still face any issues with the verification process even after following these steps, you may contact the Yahoo representative anytime.

Final Words

In the above article, we have tried to gather all the required information to resolve the Yahoo verification code issue. These solutions will help you to get the verification process easily as the information which we have presented before you is gathered and tested by our experts. But just in any case, you still face any error with the verification process, you are all free to contact the Yahoo support anytime.